Meet King Triv

Southeast San Diego’s King Triv, is not just another run of the mill Rap artist. He’s also a Record Label Owner.(Loud Mornings). As of recently, he’s also begun to take on the Producer role, as he did on “Back To The Beeper” King Triv Describes his Rap style as “A real west-coast sound” but can create Trap to Backpack style music. Which makes for an interesting combination, to say the least.

His music can be found at as well as every major online outlet. (Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify etc.)

Until now,  King Triv has been mainly featuring on songs with other members of “Tha Wrongkind”.  His more notable appearances have been on THA WRONGKIND’s “Yellow Tape” and MESSY MARV’s “Draped Up And Dripped Out” Series. To go along with that, he’s also been laying a solid foundation to building a name as a writer. As he has ghostwritten for a couple of underground rappers.

King Triv’s label,  “Loud Mornings” is in the business of making good and relatable music. Ranging from songs about partying to real life serous situations. With heavily weed influenced music, it seems that he’s already chosen a lane.that fits the label name well.

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Facebook: King Triv

Instagram: @KingTriv619

Twitter: @KingTriv